glazed & confused

I’ve had this lil’ donut design sketched out for a while, and finally got around to playing with it this weekend. I’ve been down for a few days with a nasty sinus infection (or similar), so I’m basically just laying around and either watching bad movies or drawing while drinking gallons upon gallons of tea and letting out the occasional pitiful groan for good measure. Also coughing. So much coughing. I think I may have coughed my entire insides out, and yet still, the coughing persists.

ANYWAY, the point is I was in need of a distraction and this was a fun one. It’s not quite polished up, but it’s colorful and I think it’s cute and that’s enough for the blog.

I couldn’t decide between black and pink lines, so I played around with both. I like this idea enough that I kinda want to build it out into a little collection with complimentary patterns, so a more finished version may eventually end up in my portfolio proper.

The original drawing was done on the iPad Pro in Adobe Draw, then pushed to my laptop for saving out, mockups, animation, etc. I love my iPad Pro and Adobe Draw is decent enough, but I’d love a vector drawing program that leaves you with actual editable paths instead of a mess of overlapping shapes. It’s manageable once you get it into Illustrator, but it makes editing/revising a bit more work than it would be otherwise.

I also took it into After Effects, because I’ve been wanting to experiment a bit more with motion graphics and it seemed like a simple thing to start with. It’s been a while (been a while… ) since I animated anything other than gifs in Photoshop, so it was both fun and a solid reminder that I need to use those skills more often.

Real talk: I LOVE ACID YELLOW and I don’t care that it’s obnoxious. I love it. I love this whole color palette, actually. I don’t wear a lot of color myself (my wardrobe is mostly black and grey), but when it comes to things outside of dressing myself I’m really into the whole vibrant kids’ department at Target vibe.

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