Hi, I'm Amanda!

I’m an illustrator and designer based in the Philadelphia area. I specialize in cute, quirky art and design with a bold, graphic style. I’ve worked with individuals, non-profits, and corporations, freelance and full-time, doing everything from children’s books and posters to national corporate branding. I mainly work digitally, but dabble in screen printing and traditional art for fun.

Fun facts to know and tell: I’m vegan, a Ravenclaw, I have three cats, I’m moderately completely obsessed with bears, Scotland is my favorite place on earth, I co-host a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast, and I am always, always, always drinking tea.



Visual storytelling is my first love. From children’s books to pinups to storyboarding and character design, there is nothing I enjoy more than creating worlds from scratch out of shape and color.

Print Design

Print isn’t dead, especially in my heart. I have experience designing everything from brochures and invitations to logos, business cards, and signage. I enjoy creating cohesive, appealing branding and bringing a project to life from concept to execution.

Digital Design

We live on the internet, and our design should too. Creating websites, ads, and social content with eye-catching appeal is more important now than it’s ever been. I have experience designing for web, mobile, and app platforms as well as creating marketing and social graphics that capture attention and generate interest.